Orchard Chronicles

Episode 6: Not All Flowers Become Fruit

Not all flowers become fruit!

Well we had a fantastic "Bud Break" but I am finding out that again this year "not all flowers become fruit"!  Olive flowers and very infant olives get blown off or washed off during rain or just don't set well for whatever reason.  This has been typical I think in the past although it is disappointing. I think it is normal to a degree.  I also think that drought has impact. Lastly windy and rainy days during fruit set can reduce crop size.

All that said we do have a lot of olives hanging on many of our trees and we are still hopeful for a decent harvest and oil press in October and November.

Pomegranates and Guava's and Figs are all doing GREAT. Lots of beautiful fruit and blossoms.  Gonna be a good year for all that.

Mustard Greens wild and all over the place. We are trying to pull them out before they go to seed. Darn Father Junipero Serra!

We have wired up our juicing and oil pressing room.  We are getting organized for September thru Thanksgiving harvest season.

If you want to know about harvest days and consider working with us on harvest let us know to put you on the email list for notices.  We plan to have 5 or so Friday's or Saturdays where we have a group of "volunteers" work with us and leave with a full belly and some juice or oil. In the past this has been fun and Genine's cooking alone is enough for most to give me 4 or 5 hours of harvesting. 

Email Rich if you want notices of the harvest dates.

We have great Oregano, Rosemary and Lavender growing and looking good. We do offer those for sale in our website as well as at Orchard Markets. Next one Saturday June 20th. Hope to see you then.

Our small first vineyard of "old vine Zinfandel" is taking shape and looking good. Clusters have formed and we will have some grapes and maybe a tiny bit of wine this year. IF I get them netted in time and that works?

Anyway, all is good in the Macala Orchards and Vineyards. We appreciate everybody's support and interest very much.

We love growing healthy things organically and sustainably without GMO seeds or plants.   **See our photo galary with current photos of our orchards below.  Click on the picture to see the next picture.