Orchard Chronicles

Episode 5 - Winter is Coming to an End....

Winter is coming to an end ... at least for those of us in Southern California.  Macala's trees and vines are leafing out and buds are starting to form.  Feels like more rain over this just ending winter, than we had during the prior winter.  Good news!

I am most excited about the early and large number of buds forming on our Olive Trees.   Quiet excitement here about that.  Long way to go thru "bud break" and "fruit set" and then spraying for the fly and harvest and pressing oil.  But quietly excited about potential this year!

Our Pomegranate trees look as healthy as ever.  We have completed all pruning and all the trees are leafing out nicely and a few bright red buds starting to form on some trees.  Our Pomegranate Jelly and Spread (no sugar added) from last years crops is on the shelves at 16 Southern California Markets and available online at http://www.macalacompanies.com/ .  We are planning an Orchard Market at our Pomegranate Orchard in Hemet (at Garnet Lane and E. Newport Rd) for May 2nd Saturday.  We hope you can make it out to see us and taste our Pom Jelly and Spread.  With a little luck Nonna Macaluso's Guava Jam will be available for tasting as well.

We now have 9 fig trees in the ground and leaves on those trees and Fig's forming.  We should have a small supply of fresh figs for sale at the May 2nd Orchard Market as well.  Nonna Macaluso wants to make Fig Spread possibly this year as well.  We can only hope!

Our first vineyard is graded and we have some 35 new vines in our Growhouse and Greenhouse.  These will be planted this spring hopefully with a new drip irrigation system installed as well.  Old Vine Zinfandel wine is being made and tasted in my head now. 

Our Guava crop last year was good and that is the basis of our next product - Nonna Macaluso's Guava Jam mentioned above.  She will be making it under her new Cottage Law Food Preparers certification.  She passed the test "with honors" and we are waiting her certification.  If anybody is qualified my wife is!  The trees are in the process of pruning at this time and look as healthy as ever.

We are growing vegetables and herbs in our Growhouse and Greenhouse and whatever is ripe and ready will also be available at the May 2nd Orchard Market.

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Spring is busting out all over .... and that is surely true at Macala Orchards!